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Hope Sydney Christian Church
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Sunday meeting, 10:30 am, Metro Aspire Hotel

(Banksia Function Room)

383-389 Bulwara Rd, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

  • Pastor John Rhodes

Reflections on 2018, 2019

The previous year, 2018, was significant for us as a church because we changed location. We “stepped out in faith” to now meet, each Sunday morning, in our present, attractive location at Metro Aspire Hotel, Ultimo. We are next door to a very pleasant, well-maintained reserve - Mary Ann Park. Take a stroll to sit and relax there to reduce any stress levels!

Now to the immediate past year, 2019. This has been one of settling into the new location and learning how to connect with those in the area, although people come to our church from almost everywhere around Sydney.

We started 2019 with the theme, Liberating a City, learning spiritual principles from Joshua’s taking the city of Jericho. I loved our key verse for this – Acts 8:8 There was great joy in that city! I felt the hand of God in the series. At the end of quarter, the miracle election made it extra meaningful! We are not into left or right politics, but the new Prime Minister has Christian values and is promoting religious freedom. This encourages us that we are on track to be part of what God is doing in the big picture, in wanting to bless Australia with the gospel.

Other themes were about knowing who we are in Christ, spirituality for today, and relating with other religions. It is important to know that freedom of religion is for everyone’s benefit, including those with other religious or even non-religious beliefs. We can listen and learn from others, while holding to our own faith and, filled with the Spirit, saying with Paul – Acts 14:15 Friends, turn to the living God who made the heavens and the earth and the sea.

Having looked back, I am more than excited to face the new year ahead – 2020. Our starting theme, Tough and True, kicks off a series that will be taken from the powerful and challenging letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament.

Happy & blessed New Year, 2020!

John Rhodes

Pastor, Hope Sydney Christian Church

3 Jan. 2020.