• Pastor John Rhodes

Heaven Calling

As we sail through the book of Hebrews in the New Testament, I'm starting a news series called, Heaven Calling. We are up to chapters 3 and 4, if you would like to read again with me.

In the middle of life's tumultuous journey, Heaven calls you to a higher purpose. I present this series as one who has listened to and obeyed that calling. I've experienced the exhilaration, joy and sorrow of walking by faith in a fallen and fractured society. I am determined to continue because it's the best; it's real and it's fulfilling. What I am most concerned about is that others are missing out.

This series will help you discover and succeed in this calling, step by step.

Called to be Faithful

Called to Action

Called to Completion

Called with Correction

Called with Comfort

God bless,

John Rhodes

Pastor, Hope Sydney Christian Church

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